Wednesday, April 29, 2009

knitting at the dentist

So today I had a dental appointment and of course took my sock I am presently working on. I am at the heel turning. And had just started the next row thinking I had time that the dentist never takes me early. Well today would have to be the one time he does and I am only 12 stitches in to it. So as she calls my name I am quickly decideing what to do , I so wanted to finish this row, but knew I had to go back with her. So I quickly pushed the stitches to the middle of the needle and put it back in my bag and told Tom to not let anyone touch it or else. When I was done my bag was right where it was left and the stitches snug on my needle waiting patiently for them to be knit.

Besides having dental work done it was a good day.


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  1. Doncha just hate when you have to stop in the middle of a row? I'm always concerned about dropping stitches.