Monday, April 6, 2009

gotta love socks

I think that socks are definatly trying my patience and maybe even on purpose. LOL.. I have decided that I need to get smart and only commit my sock knitting to one pair at a time. I thought having two or more pairs stared would keep me from going nuts but apparently socks are a one pair deal. So I have stopped making all but one pair. And it is surprisingly going well. There may be hope at the end yet. They have definatly worked on me and now I am hoping they will grow on me and I will begin to love to make them. Right now there is some love there but not quite enough yet.

So I will keep you posted on how I am progressing in the sock journey, for me it has been a bumpy one but I am looking forward to smooth travels that I know are awaitng me on this journey. And besides what better way to learn then to "rip it, rip it"

Have a great knit night. Sleep sweet and fresh dreams.


  1. Interesting about your sock journey and your relationship status. I guess you could say you are past the "like" stage and into the "giddy" stage. I'll be waiting for obsessive, and finally head over heels! Good luck.

  2. Hiya Amybel,

    Hope as is well with you. I am having a great time with making socks and buying sock yarn is so fun. I cant contain myself sometimes. I also tend to find some awesome colors and the first thing I think is what a sock would look like with this yarn and then the next thing I know it is in my bag and on its way to a new home. Loving it. I cant wait to finish the ones I have on the needles now because I have so many more lined up. It is like nothing I have ever done before and I want to learn to do more.