Saturday, April 11, 2009


My LYS is so amazing. Every one there is so friendly and they dont mind if you go there and just hang out and knit. I went there today to finish my first sock. Yes I did it, do not adjust your vision. It is completed!!! WAHOOO!! I am excited. It looks really good forbeing my first one so I am proud of it. Thanks to friends at my LYS the sock journey has begun, it was a slow start but there is some releif and some happiness knowing that I have conquered my sock and am now looking forawrd to making many more pairs. I must admit that I was not ever going to make another one again, with all the hassle it had took my through, but now that I see how wonderful it is, I am so hooked.

So it was a good day. Got to spend some time alone with my honey and relax. What a great time.

Knit away.

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  1. The sock looks great! Is that the Monkey Toes sock yarn?