Thursday, April 16, 2009

socks and more socks

I didnt think I would be writing about socks again. It was a long journey to make one and thought I would have SSS (Second sock syndrome) but amazingly I dont and am so loving making socks now, so much so that I have not got three socks on the needles. Yes you read that right THREE.... I am finishing up the second sock. And a friend told be to try the trekking sock yarn with color so off I wemt to the Purl to get some and find the most amazing blue. Tom will love them when they are done. And I have my flat feets going and the colors there are so AWESOME!!!!! Oh wait I have four on the needles as I am working on finishing my first tulip sock. Had trouble with the little chart but I got it.

It has been so much fun. I enjoy meeting with my friends and also being able to go to my LYS and shop, touch all the beautiful yarns and sit in the wonderful yarn room and knit with friend. They are the sweetest people there.

I am also working on dishcloths withthe Fixation yarn and it is great. Have to start knitting for christmas sometime right.


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