Monday, May 18, 2009

sock whoas

So I am going to throw this out to you all and maybe there will be hope for me yet. I recently finished the sock called flat feet and have moved on to the second one. For the life of me I cant get it to start right. I have tried everything. I get the cast on going just fine and start the round. And when I think it is going good it is to loose and looks like a long piece of yarn that isnt to be there. This is probably not making any sense, but it is almost as if I am not making it tight up to the needles. If you have experinced that before. Maybe some one knows what I am rambling on about. If so Please give me suggestions to try to get this sock going.


  1. I'm not that experienced at making socks, but I have had a similar problem. I was having more space between the needles than I wanted. I realized I wasn't holding it together enough. Once I figured out how to keep my DPs closer together ,the gap left. Don't know if that's what you meant ,but just thought I'd share my experience.

  2. Gosh I'm sorry I'm not any help either. I know what a shocker! I hope you can figure it out though.